Text Installation at Ave Gallery

Most of the objects in this section which I call reading machines were part of an interactive installation exhibited at Ave Gallery, Tehran, 2007.

The exhibition lasted one week during which the exhibition was changing constantly requiring the viewers to visit it several times. What remained unchanged were the texts installed on walls thus giving the exhibition its name, ‘Text Installation’. On the first day, the viewers were given pieces of bread on which sentences from a variety of sources were written in edible ink. Under each text attached to the wall lied a plate of sauce. The viewers were asked to test the sauces with the pieces of bread they would choose. On the second day the sauces were replaced with a plate of coffee beans and a plate of perfumes. Again, the viewers were asked to test the odours and examine their relation to the texts. On the subsequent days, the perfumes were substituted with the reading machines. Each machine tries to illustrate one of the texts hanging on the walls.