September 2013

Umbilicus of Limbo

Statement for Sharam Entekhabi and Behrang Samadzadegan’s exhibition titled ‘We Are Standing Outside Time’ at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria, 28.06-03.08.2012

It is the difference between arrest and imprisonment, not here and there, inside or outside a cell. A citizen of the Modern World understands properly the state of transition. She is always in transition. It is always in transition. Supposedly towards a better state. Everything is in ‘progress’ in the Modern World. Yet, he does not understand anymore how it feels to be at the Umbilicus of Limbo, he, the citizen of the mainstream world. He aims at entering heaven on earth. He does not remember when people used to pray for the Kingdom of Heavens to arrive. Yet, the mainstream creates shores where watching is made possible. Watching is the only possible thing. News always happens elsewhere. Not on the shore. And it is no shore rather a swamp twirling down to the umbilicus of limbo. (more…)